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Social Skills Camps for all levels ages 4 to young adult

Spectrum Camps and Club’s Summer Day Camp

Our Mission is to enrich and enhance the physical, emotional, social development of children, teenagers and young adults with Autism/Asperger’s within a safe, warm, caring and stimulating day camp community.

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Every day at Spectrum Day Camp is focused on positively influencing others. Our summer camp experience strives to make a difference in the lives of everyone: campers, families, volunteers, experienced staff and our local community.

Our approach to the summer camp experience is anchored by our core social skills curriculum, which outlines the skills, that campers are exposed to each and every day.

Intentional Programming (adj) - "done with intention or on purpose"

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The purpose of Spectrum Day Camp extends far beyond simply having FUN. Fun is just one of the many intended results of intentional camp programing.

Everything we do at Spectrum Day Camp is intentional, and guided by our core philosophy and mission. From how activities are facilitated, to how we communicate with campers, to how staff members interact with one another – it all has a purpose.

We train our volunteers and staff how to teach, communicate and think within the intentional camp framework. Staff members are educational and medical professionals who understand and have been trained in the characteristics of and research based strategies used for persons affected by Autism/Asperger’s. Our camp staff is skilled in creating a structured and supportive environment that fosters the positive social and life skills of each camper who attends day camp.

Spectrum Camp and Clubs' intentional approach to the summer camp experience provides children with a real-world, real-life experiential program that promotes the development of social and life skills. 


When is Spectrum Day Camp?
There will be 7 sessions of day camp this summer in Lawrenceville starting June 4th   Campers ages 4 to young adult* are invited to register for this  location or the Lawrenceville location. Please choose the location of your choice when registering. All Specialty groups will be held in Lawrenceville.

Click on the week to learn more about the theme and specialty programs available.     

 Date Session  Main Theme   Social Skills  
 June 4-8  1 Under the Sea 

Meeting and Making Friends in their group while enjoying the many activities of camp each day

 June 11-15  2 Around the World   Understanding differences in each other  
 June 18-22  3 Wild West Adventures   Reading body language, speaking carefully, and taking care of your belongings  
 June 25-29  4 Taking turns and making sure that everyone’s needs are met, and solving problems.  
 July 9-13  5  Dinosaur Dig Making and keeping friends, following directions  
 July 16-20  6  Space is the Place

Helpful ways of thinking positively; appropriate ways of dealing with angry feelings, thinking, and actions; and identifying emotions and dealing with them appropriately

July 23-27  7

Understanding changes in routine and how to adapt to change



Specialty Groups for HFA Middle School, High School and Young Adults
 Date Session  Specialty 
 June 4-8  1


June 11-15  2

Puppetry Arts

June 18-22  3

 Technology Blogs and Videos

June 24-29  4

 Camp Journey Overnight

July 10-14  5


July 16-20  6

 Technology Website and Photography

July 23-27  7

 Mad Scientist Pro

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Spectrum Camps and Clubs Summer Day Camp is provided through a sponsorship from Spectrum Autism Support Group, Inc. and is managed by Social Skills Today.

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For More Information on Social Skills Today and our many services available
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