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What is the cost of Spectrum Camps and Clubs?

Gwinnett Spectrum Day Camps are $350 per week per child thanks to Spectrum.  For Payment Example Click here

Click here to Go to the Summer Camps Overview Page that lists Info at a glance that lists many of our new Summer camps in surrounding counties and Camp Journey Overnight weeklong

Full details and costs can be seen at the Registration page Here . For additional questions email us using the contact form at the bottom of this page

School Year Programs:

March Camp Journey Weekend

March 23th-25th, 2018 $220.00

Fall Camp Journey Weekend Nov 2-4 dates $220.00

Saturday Social Skills Groups $40.00

Saturday Fun and Friends $50.00

Drama Club (includes performance) Sept 2017- April 2018 $600.00 

Technology Club Oct-April price varies with session length


Summer Events

Overnight Camps:

Summer 2018 Overnight Camp week:

June 24th -29th charge $675/camper

Weekly Summer Day Camps:

Lawrenceville Church of God - all groups* $350 per week

Please note: There will an extra charge ($150 per week) for any child needing one to one support at camp. If you have any questions about this extra charge, please contact Mary at 678-640-2489.


For Payment Example Click here

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Social Skills Today, Spectrum Camps and Clubs, and Spectrum Autism Support Group, Inc. do not provide scholarships directly to campers. All our fund raising goes toward providing camp at the lowest possible price for all campers.
We are able to accept vouchers from funding programs like GCSS, Avita, and Accumen to help cover your costs. Here are some helpful links. The Georgia Community Support and Solution(GCSS) Intake form is also available at the bottom of this page.

Georgia Community Supports and Solutions
Avita Community Partners
Council for Exceptional Children
Georgia Autism Professionals (GAP) Scholarship


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